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We offer many group classes to fit your specific level of training and needs from all levels of Obedience including Rally to S.T.A.R Puppy, Canine Good Citizen and more.




*Unless otherwise noted*

*Copy of current vaccinations are required*


 This class is for any dog/puppy under the age of 1 year. You will learn basic puppy skills such as socialization, potty training tips, fundamentals of leash training, behaving in public, house manners, feeding tips and much more. At the end of this class you will be tested on basic skills and your results will be sent to AKC where they will be recorded. You will receive a packet from them including a certificate, packet and medal.                                                 

                                                                              GREAT BEGINNINGS:                                                                                     This on lead class is designed for dogs of any age that are ready to begin Basic Obedience training. You will learn how teach your dog to walk loosely on a lead beside you, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Off, Leave it and Look. We will also introduce distractions and teaching your dog to remain focused on you and what you are asking of them. This class is a prelude to the intermediate & Advanced Obedience classes Obedience class.  

                                                                 INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE:                                                                            This class is for those who have either completed a Basic Obedience class with us or have taken a skills test and passed all of items required to enter this course. The Intermediate Obedience class begins on a 20' long line to ensure that your dog will not only remain focused on you with many distractions at a distance but will follow your commands the first time you give them. We will then proceed to some off lead work toward the end of class to ready you for the advanced course .

                                                                     ADVANCED OBEDIENCE                                                                                  To be eligible for this class you must have completed both the Basic and Intermediate obedience courses or have been tested by us to determine that you are ready for this class. All of the work in this setting is done off lead. We will be working in settings that have numerous distractions of various types and your dog will be expected to focus their attention on you at all times despite things going on around them. This is an intensive program requiring dedication and a willingness to strive for excellence while still having fun.  

                                                                                  RALLY- (All Levels)                                                                                            This class is for any dog who has completed the Basic Obedience class (You will be tested on your basic skills). This is a self paced course where you move through stations to challenge and advance your skills and enhance your dogs focus and attention on you. Rally will help you strengthen the bond between you and your dog while having a great time. 

       CANINE GOOD CITIZEN, COMMUNITY CANINE AND URBAN CANINE TRAINING & TESTING;                 These programs were established by the American Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership and encourage the training of well mannered dogs. The AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program is recognized as the gold star standard for dog behavior. In these classes you will be given the training and tools needed to take and pass the tests the correspond with each title. Your successful completion of the test(s) will be sent in to the American Kennel Club to be recorded.   

REACTIVITY CLASS: (specialized class)

Does you dog lunge, growl, snap, bark or try to bite other dogs or people while you are out together on walks or maybe while at the dog park. Our reactivity classes are designed to work with the specific needs of dogs that display reactivity issues. classes are limited to 4 per class/ session to ensure the one on one attention for each owner/dog team as well as the group interactive exercises. 


These are intensive and specialized training programs. Please call for information and specific details.

Helping to create bonds that last a lifetime

We love our clients and their furry family!!


Find the package that best suits your needs

We have found that offering our clients a wide variety of training options allows them to take control in choosing what is best for their situation. All of our programs include a training plan, weekly follow up paperwork with homework specifically designed for each individual dog and follow up support to ensure your complete satisfaction and total success.




This is an intensive program designed to rehabilitate and correct your dog's behavioral issues using only positive and reward based training techniques. This training program is for dogs displaying such behaviors as Separation Anxiety, Aggression towards other dogs/people, Leash Reactivity, Toy & Food Guarding (Resource Guarding), Territorial Behavior (Window, Door and yard Aggression), Traveling issues (Barking, Aggressive Behavior, Chewing, Motion Sickness, trouble loading/unloading, Nervous and compulsive Behavior), Fear Issues and more.  


In this program, you will learn all of the commands you would in the class setting but with the benefit of one on one attention. You will learn how to gain your dog's focus despite distractions, how to ensure a solid recall every time, tips on preventing boredom during training, how to use a clicker when teaching new commands and more. We begin the training in your home ensuring that your dog understands what you are asking of them without distractions and then move the training to outside and around your neighborhood to add in distractions you will encounter on a daily basis when walking your dog. Once your dog responds to what you consistently in spite of the things around them, we will then take a field trip to a dog friendly store or park to ensure your pup knows how to behave politely in public.                


This obedience option allows you the benefits of a one on one setting with our trainer. You and your dog will learn the same things as you would in a class setting but with more field trips and distractions. All work in the Intermediate level is done starting on a 10' long line, moving to a 20' long line and one session is off lead practice. The Advanced level is all off lead work. Prior to being accepted into the Advanced training, you and your dog will be given a short test running you through a series of exercises to demonstrate to the the trainer that they are completely under your control and not reactive.


This package is a client favorite for those who are experiencing Behavioral issues but also want to work on obedience training as well. You will receive all of the training offered in the Obedience & Behavioral Modification classes combined at a seriously discounted price. These sessions are more time consuming and intensive as we are working on many things during each session, but we take short, frequent breaks to allow your dog to release some pent up energy and regain focus and give you the opportunity to ask questions as well as regroup yourself.  


Giving you more choices


Fun for everyone

Kids and dogs just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. We are here to help your kids learn all about dogs and have a great time whether you have a dog of your own to bring or you use one of ours. They will be learning about things like daily care, basic obedience skills, the importance of exercising your dog, safety around other dogs, Rally obedience and so much more. This is a drop in class, so there is no need for a long term commitment, just come as often as you choose. We will have help from a future, budding young trainer who has a true passion for both animals and people. Snacks and drinks will be provided during each session. The loyalty card applies to this service.                           *This is for friendly dogs*

*Copy of current vaccinations are required*


Pay as you go

We have found that many dogs only need one or two sessions to correct such things as chewing, rushing the door and jumping on people. This is a great alternative to our packages and classes, as you only pay for the sessions that you feel you need. These sessions are approx. 2 hrs long. The loyalty card applies to this service.


Accommodating Your Lifestyle

We know that sometimes you need a little more training than our single session gives you but you don't truly need a full training package either. We have found that our half days sessions are wonderful for things such as dog park manners, potty training, socialization skills, loose leash walking, brush up on basic obedience and more. These sessions last approx. 4 hours and can be done in your home, at dog friendly stores or parks or a combination. The loyalty card applies to this service.

Contact us to see how we can make a Pawsitive Difference in your life.


Socialize & Exercise

We have heard so many of our clients say that they just do not have the time to get out and walk their dogs as often as they would like and we are here to help resolve this issue. We also know that many Behavioral issues such as chewing, barking and jumping, are often easily resolved with extra exercise. Our loyalty punch cards are great with this service & our multiple dog discount applies if you have more than one.                                                                                                                                                Daily, Weekly & Monthly rate are available.                                                                      *Please contact us for pricing*


Exercise & Training combined

We are so excited about this new service. There are many people who have told us that they want their dog trained but don't have the time to work with the trainer every week and they don't want to send them away for training. We have heard our clients and are now offering an alternative plan. We will take your dog out, walk them and train at the same time. This option is great if your dog needs work on any of their basic obedience skills or if they are leash reactive to other dogs/people. Our loyalty card applies to this service. If you have more than one dog that needs some extra training, our multiple dog discount applies.

*Please contact us for pricing*

Check in's, Pet Sitting, Pet Errand Service

No time? Count on us to be there for you

These are other new services we are now offering in an effort to help you have a little more free time. The check in service is designed for busy people who want their dog let out during the day, fed or need their outside dog area cleaned up. This service also applies to other household animals as well. Our loyalty card applies to this service.

*Contact us for pricing*


Making your life a little easier

We are here to help you make a little more time in your busy schedule by offering the services our clients have asked for. No matter what your needs are:  from Behavioral Modification to all levels of Obedience training. We offer Therapy Dog, Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog Training as well as single and half day sessions. We understand that sometimes, all your dog needs, is a little extra training with our Walk and Train option or perhaps Dog Walking on the days of your choosing or you simply want your dog to be let outside during the day or your yard cleaned up with our Check in service, we are here to assist you. In offering a wide variety of services, including Pet Sitting & Errand Running for your animals, we are working hard to make your life more enjoyable.


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