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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppies 6 months & under

We love puppies as much as you do and want to give them a great head start. We know that training a new puppy can be a very time consuming and sometimes overwhelming task for a busy family and we are here to help. Your puppy comes to our home during the day where we work on things such as basic house manners, potty training, basic leash training, introduction to basic obedience, Fit & Fun, socialization skills with our own friendly dogs, grooming basics, clicker training and more. We give you daily progress reports, pictures, videos and we take the time to demonstrate for you each new accomplishment your puppy has mastered.

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Beyond the Basics

Puppies & dogs 6 months & older

This training option has become a client favorite. When you choose this option, your dog will come to our home and be treated like one of the family. Your pup will learn so many things such as Basic Obedience Training, Socialization skills, Proper interaction with other dogs, field trips to dog friendly stores, dog parks (with your approval of course), how to properly meet and greet people and dogs in public, Fit & Fun, house manners, clicker & focus training and introduction to target training and more.

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Great Expectations-Realizing their full potential

Puppies & dogs 6 months & older who have completed the Beyond the Basics

This program moves beyond the basics and into more specialized areas of training. We will work on such things and off lead obedience, Recall work, Advanced clicker and Target Training, Fit & Fun, Advanced Focus and distraction work, Field trips for work in public to ensure the training and commands are solid regardless of their surroundings and much more.

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