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Board & Train Programs

**In order to best determine the specific program that your dog will need, we offer a Free Assessment. This assessment allows us to talk with you in depth about your dog’s specific training requirements while also allowing you to ask questions. **

**There is an additional fee for some pieces of equipment**

Our Board and Train Programs are designed to bring your dog into a new environment that provides a fresh start to establish proper behaviors and create strong habits. This allows us to work with your dog multiple times per day setting new expectations, teaching important skills, whether it be basic obedience, handling, sound and surface training and/or behavior corrections.

Our kennel area is continuously monitored, climate-controlled and has safe  and secure 6ft high kennels. Each kennel is stocked with elevat4ed stainless steel water buckets, stainless steel food bowls, and pet safe soft bedding that is laundered daily. We also provide each of the dogs with enrichment toys while they are not working.

Each dog gets worked by our team of trainers multiple times a day, 7 days a week. Our kennel tech team members will also supervise and interact with your dog in our outdoor runs as well as within the facility, allowing them to have adequate exercise and engagement/play time throughout the day while not training. 

Four (4) Week Board and Train:
This program is designed for puppies/dogs that are not displaying any behavioral issues and need training with things such as confidence building, lead skills, focus work, impulse controls, door work, puppy basics, potty training and so much more. This program allows us the time needed to work with your puppy/dog addressing the basic training issues that they are struggling with while giving them the appropriate skills that they need to navigate daily life with other people and other dogs. This is a structured training plan specifically designed for your puppy/dog that also encompasses training games that appeal to the learning/work drive in every puppy/dog.

Six (6) Week Board and Train:
This program is designed for dogs that are non-behavioral that need more advanced obedience training (focused heeling, off lead training, e-collar work, or the start of specialized training). This program is also specifically designed for any dog that is displaying mild/moderate behavioral issues such as reactivity, aggression, fear, or anxiety, and/or a combination thereof. 

Eight (8) Week Board and Train:
This program is designed for all dogs and allows our trainers the time needed to address your dog's specific training needs, train them and then generalize their training. This program is designed to work with dogs displaying severe behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, and reactivity. This program is also designed for those looking for a solid off lead program.

We proudly offer in-house payment arrangements 

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