Board & Train Programs

**In order to best determine the specific program that your dog will need, we offer a Free Assessment. This assessment allows us to talk with you in depth about your dog’s specific training requirements and also allows you to ask questions. **

Four (4) Week– 6 mo. & older:
This is a MILD BEHAVIORAL program. This program is designed for dogs that require more intensive training with such things as confidence building, slight fear, or need a more solid obedience program. This popular program allows us the time needed to work with your dog through many of the mild behavioral issues that they are struggling with while giving them the confidence building that they need to live to navigate daily life with other people and dogs. This is a very structured training plan specifically designed for your dog. This program allows your dog more time to fully absorb the training, learn about repetition and consistency, learn all of the cues both visual and audible and sets them up for lifelong success.

Six (6) Week – 6mo. & older:
This is a MODERATE BEHAVIORAL program. This program is designed for any dog that needs advanced obedience training or is displaying moderate behavioral issues such as mi reactivity, fear, or mild anxiety, aggression and/or a combination thereof. This program includes everything that the 4 week program offers, but simply extends your dog’s stay with us to ensure that they understand and comply with all cues they are given through repetition, consistency, and reinforcement.

Eight (8) Week – 6 mo. & older
This is a SEVERE BEHAVIORAL program. This program is our best for all dogs and allows our trainers the time needed to address your dog’s behavioral issues, modify them and then reinforce them for a lifetime of success. This program is also suited for dogs displaying severe behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, reactivity, and/or need several areas of training, reliable off lead obedience skills or a combination of areas.

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