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Service Dog Training

**Service Dog Eligibility Programs for our  potential Service Dog Candidates will be discussed at your free assessment**

Service Dog training is an intensive program that is tailored to train your dog for the tasking requirements that you need him/her to do based on your specific needs. This program is also designed to ready your dog for the Public Access Test and anything they may encounter when in public or at your job (this test is administered at the end of the Service Dog Training Program). We do everything we can to ensure that we cover as many scenarios as possible however, if you have suggestions for places that you visit often, please do not hesitate to let us know and we can include those in the training plan. Please understand that not all dogs are suitable Service Dog candidates, as there are many behaviors that may potentially disqualify your dog from the program; either prior to acceptance, or once they enter the program if they begin to display behaviors that are undesirable for a Service Dog, such as, but not limited to the following – aggression, reactivity, timidity, fear, resource guarding and barrier frustration.

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